As a public interest attorney and social justice advocate, I’ve helped create better lives for millions of people in North Carolina and around America.I’ve also always lived in Chapel Hill and love our community. That’s why I won a seat on our Chapel Hill Town Council in 2021 and why I’m running for Mayor now! We need a new community-first way of doing business here in our town. I hope you’ll join me!  

We need to listen to our neighborhoods rather than consistently ignoring their concerns. We need to build and fund our parks and green spaces for recreation and to prepare for the huge challenges climate change is bringing to our world. We need to stop spending millions of dollars on out of town consultants and instead build basic amenities our families want – like a splash pad or modern skate park! We need to support our small businesses instead of focusing on development at all costs.

Sustainable & Livable

I’ve fought for better health care for low income Americans for over 25 years. But health care isn’t just seeing the doctor – it’s about our parks, trees, trails and conservation too. A healthy community is one where we build more homes but we don’t lose the amazing trees and green spaces that make Chapel Hill not only a great place to live but better able to deal with climate change. And this should be true for all our residents, regardless of income or where they live. Whether your home is a modest apartment, a room you rent, a single family house, or a townhome, everyone should be able to walk within 15 minutes to a great park or green space.

My work as an award-winning nonprofit attorney and health care advocate has helped expand Medicaid for millions of low income Americans, pass the Affordable Care Act, protect people from big health insurance companies and make sure all our kids come to school healthy and ready to learn. We can make great changes for Chapel Hill as well. I’ve voted to invest over $9 million taxpayer dollars to help build hundreds of units in multiple town affordable housing projects from our own Trinity Court, the Community Home Trust, Habitat for Humanity’s Weaver’s Grove, and many more.

In fact, I am not aware of any other community our size in North Carolina building more affordable housing than Chapel Hill. However, I’ve drawn the line on building housing — even affordable housing — on top of preserved forest and open space purchased by voter-approved environmental bonds and on top of informal Legion Park. When we build housing of any type, we need to build great parks too. Many exciting efforts around the country are aimed at addressing this historical lack of access to parks and green space for underserved communities and neighborhoods and we can do the same.

I’ve just been endorsed for Mayor of Chapel Hill by the Center For Biological Diversity Action Fund due to my plans to remove the coal ash from underneath the police station, and the fact that I have consistently advocated for the needs of local residents over the desires of for-profit developers.

Our campaign has been awarded the 2023 Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate distinction, for advocating for gun violence prevention and making a commitment to govern with gun safety in mind. 

Can you help?

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Let’s make Chapel Hill a town that future generations
can enjoy and be proud of.

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