Thanks to Mayor Hemminger for Her Long Service / Officially Filing My Paperwork to Run for Chapel Hill Mayor

First, after her announcement today that she has decided not to seek re-election, I want to wish Mayor Pam Hemminger well and congratulate her on her years of service to Chapel Hill both as Mayor and in many other volunteer capacities. I particularly note her dedication during the pandemic to ensuring our children continued to get healthy meals despite the enormous disruptions to our schools and lives that hit so many of us, and especially families without many resources. What a challenging time to have led our community.

Second, I am excited to have had so many expressions of support from an amazing number of you after announcing my own campaign for Mayor. I have had innumerable people volunteer to help, gotten so many encouraging messages and calls, and I’ve already raised significant funding. I look forward to a successful campaign and hope to win the support of voters in this fall’s election.

On Friday I headed to the Orange County Board of Elections where I filed the election forms (exciting photo of this below!)  – I am now “officially” running for Chapel Hill Mayor.

I have to say I am a little overwhelmed by your outpouring of support. But I’m even more ready to make the changes we need for Chapel Hill.


My campaign is already running hard – don’t be surprised if you start hearing from me and my supporters soon!  But I do have two asks:

  1. If you haven’t donated yet, will you consider donating to my Campaign for Mayor? Anything is welcome (up to the $357 limit!) – and we make it easy.
  2. I can’t be effective as Mayor without some new great Council members as well – I introduce four amazing ones below – and ask you to get to know them and donate to them as well.

Four Amazing Community Members Step Forward to Run for Chapel Hill Town Council

I am so excited by the fact that four amazing, dedicated, public spirited, and experienced residents have decided to run for Town Council in this election. I know each of them personally and while they come from diverse backgrounds and experiences, they all are dedicated to a new “community-first” way of doing business here in Chapel Hill. I know they will bring badly-needed new perspectives to our current debates, including small business ownership, parks leadership, volunteer dedication, fresh ideas for public engagement and much, much more. Electing a new Mayor isn’t enough! We need new leadership here in town and these are the folks leading the way.

I urge everyone to get to know them and, most importantly at this early stage, donate what you can to their campaigns!  They are:

Renuka Soll

Elizabeth Sharp

David Adams

Breckany Eckhardt