Volunteers: If you can please consider volunteering as a poll greeter for the campaign.  We’ll need folks for whatever time they can spare starting with early voting on October 26 and on November 7. Sign up here!

Donations:  Click here or mail to “Adam Searing for Mayor” 105 Mill Run, Chapel Hill, NC 27514 [Donation limit is $357 per person and we don’t accept donations from PACs or developers.]

Grassroots endorsements:  CLICK HERE and let us know why you think Adam would be a great Mayor for Chapel Hill.

Photos Below: Breckany, Renuka and I with my friend Bette at a Cedars candidate forum and I’m greeting a furry potential voter outside some local trails.

Thank you for your amazing grassroots support in this hard-fought campaign.

I am so, so proud to be endorsed by many amazing people from all walks of life in Chapel Hill. With support from everyone from owners of downtown businesses like the Purple Bowl to retired teachers thanking me for standing up for their interests against large developers, I am energized. I have always tried to live up to the words you use to describe my work – “responsibility”, “true to his word”, “integrity”, “open and effective”, “courage” and “respect”.  I will continue to do so as Mayor. I also very much appreciate the recent endorsement from the Center for Biological Diversity for my work on moving toward cleaning up our town coal ash dump site.

My favorite endorsement so far however has been from Mimi Chapman – to whom I also happen to be married! 
You can read what Mimi has to say about me here.

Thank you to the hundreds of people gathering to hear me and our fantastic “New Vision” team of candidates in neighborhood meetings all over Chapel Hill.
People all over Chapel Hill have opened their homes to us and invited their neighbors to hear and question me and my amazing fellow New Leadership/New Vision coalition candidates, Elizabeth SharpRenuka SollDavid Adams, and Breckany Eckhardt. The support shown by so many of you for us has been fantastic. And every day I am proud to be running with such a talented, dedicated group of fellow Chapel Hill residents. They have the courage to stand up in public for what they believe – and stand up to serve Chapel Hill.

Thank you to the volunteers working all over Chapel Hill to distribute our campaign materials, talk to their friends and neighbors, and step up to help.
I was talking to a resident last week who was volunteering time because he had gotten to know me around my advocacy for Legion Park. The work he was putting in to help was incredible and this is true of so many volunteers. This is how elections are won – at the grassroots – and I am so, so appreciative of your dedication.

As my chainsaw (and safety glasses) were in the back of my truck I took a short break from campaigning last week to assist in a little tree clearing on an East Franklin sidewalk.

This is a high stakes election with dramatically different visions for Chapel Hill’s future.

Their Vision for Chapel Hill: Another generic urban municipality of high-rise apartment complexes, seven story glass office buildings downtown, and rezoned neighborhoods turned into urban streets – all proposed by out-of-town consultants who are clearly out-of-touch with Chapel Hill.

My Vision for Chapel Hill: A modern college town that supports healthy growth with other important needs like fostering local character, preserving and expanding our green spaces, supporting our family neighborhoods, and nurturing our local and family-owned businesses.

We need to do things like:

1. Stop funding million-dollar out of town consultants to create plans we never implement. Put that money into building parks projects we’ve talked about for a decade like a new dedicated adaptive playground and a great splash pad like other surrounding communities.

2. Bring UNC to the table in a big way to tackle our affordable housing needs. Let’s combine with other UNC system towns like Wilmington, Boone, and Greensboro to present a statewide town/gown system proposal to the governing boards and the legislature for new staff, faculty and student housing in UNC communities across North Carolina.

3. Supercharge equity-focused recreation and green space access through use of innovative, cost-effective solutions already working in other communities. For example, exciting natural surface trails projects can bring parks, green space and community connections for residents faster than we ever thought possible.