Read about the Center for Biological Diversity Action Fund’s endorsements of Adam, Renuka, David, Breckany, and Elizabeth!

“This slate would give Chapel Hill the progressive votes needed to ensure that the coal ash is completely removed and safely disposed of from the police station property before any redevelopment takes place. The current leadership isn’t working to fully remove this toxic contamination from the community and that failure is putting residents and wildlife at risk.”

Perrin de Jong

North Carolina political director of the Center for Biological Diversity Action Fund

Read Terri Buckner’s full endorsement of Adam here!

“We can achieve Adam’s vision of preserving trees and green space as well as ensuring those vulnerable residents living on the margin of affordability can stay here. But we can’t do it with the same rush-rush groupthink we’ve had for the past 8 years.

Governing is not an easy job; it requires someone who will stand up and fight for everyone in this community. Adam Searing is the one who I believe can do that. Vote Adam for Mayor.”

Terri Buckner

“I’ve known Adam for nearly thirty years – from the time he began fighting, as a young attorney, for the rights of the most vulnerable people in our community. He never gave up that fight. He worked, he organized, he negotiated, he insisted. Over time, step-by-step, he won medical coverage for thousands and then hundreds of thousands and now millions of people who never had health care before. His work improved our society.

Adam works quietly, persistently, and carefully to build consensus and support for good ideas.

That’s why he’ll be a good mayor for Chapel Hill. He knows how to bring people together because he’s as good as his word. He’s honest about reality and he’s hopeful about what we can accomplish together. I’m voting for Adam and I hope everyone in our community will consider supporting him along with me.”

Kevin Foy

Chapel Hill Mayor, 2001-2009

“Adam’s experience and ideas are badly needed to get Chapel Hill back on track. Our town has been pandering to developers for too long. We need to protect our green spaces, forests and community parks plus figure out how to house our city workers and make our town more affordable to all. I believe Adam will prioritize these issues and stand up to those special interests that have been holding Chapel Hill hostage for far too long.”

Lynda Kamps Haake

“Adam understands the waste of resources in Chapel Hill and is determined to efficiently run the government as Mayor.”

Elizabeth Loehr

Retired Health Professional

“Adam is the right choice because he is the ONLY person I’ve ever heard in Chapel Hill who suggested a shred of fiscal responsibility and put his money where his mouth is by publishing the full list of extractive consultants.”

Derek Fulton

Hedge Fund Analyst

“On Town Council, he has consistently voted true to his word. He has been open and effective in his communication of town matters, pointing out best options for the residents, including doing research on why some options will not work, and being clear on how to use our resources. He has not been dragging any names through the mud.”

Kerry-Ann da Costa


“He’s determined that we get parks and good low income housing. I like his straight forward approach and he has all the details at his command. I’m impressed with him.”

Rev Lucy Austin

Retired Psychotherapist

“Adam Searing has the answer for the present problems of Chapel Hill as well as the future challenges.”

Patricia K. Ashley

Retired Teacher

“I, and many people I know in town, support Adam Searing’s key platform items including

1) investing in much needed improvements for parks, play areas, and green spaces (these have languished and are not of the quality that a town like Chapel Hill deserves)

2) reducing wasteful spending and focusing the limited city budget (I am beyond stunned by the millions spent on consultants–for what? And what was the outcome?)

3) preserving single family zoning restrictions (Chapel Hillis has built and is building thousands of apartments – there is not need to disturb existing communities)

4) building truly affordable housing.

Not electing Adam and other like minded candidates for Town Council can risk irreversibly damaging what Chapel Hill is – and can be.”

Deepak Sirdeshmukh

“Adam is a genuinely nice person who cares about Chapel Hill. His willingness to do what is right over what is easiest is a quality we need in a mayor. I am a lifelong CH resident, with a young family and am voting Adam for mayor!”


Attorney and Mother

“Adam has the courage to vote against massive, intrusive development projects.”

Theresa Raphael-Grimm


“Chapel Hill needs new leadership and a vision to address quality of life issues such as:

Affordable housing and sensible development, instead of developers who are building apartments that many of our younger residents cannot afford, forcing them to relocate elsewhere.

Up to date and upgraded parks, a skate park for our youth, a focus on environmental concerns, pollution, water runoff, cleaning up Franklin Street and making it convenient, attractive, and accessible to our visitors.

[Adam] will listen and be courteous, respectful, and kind to fellow Council members at public hearings, with grace and diplomacy, and address our needs and concerns about zoning and other issues facing our Town and our neighborhoods. That is the kind of mayor I am seeking to support, and I believe Adam Searing will be the type of mayor I can and will support.”

Andrea Phillips


“Adam researches and thinks critically about the issues. He doesn’t just vote for something because it sounds good. He looks at the consequences (intended and unintended) before casting his vote.”

Naomi Slifkin

Retired RN

“Adam is thoughtful and intelligent and very committed to appropriate growth and change in Chapel Hill.”

Katherine Kopp

Real Estate Broker

“Adam understands that environmental justice means that affordable housing must be built but not on toxic coal ash sites and close to working rail lines. Adam also understands that the town can’t continue to spend more than it gets in revenue while failing to keep up basic services, and that continued borrowing will result in even more tax increases.”

Linda K. Brown

Adam truly has the best plan for Chapel Hill’s growth. while maintaining integrity. I hear from town members that they are tired of the lack of their voices being heard by Council, despite their best efforts to participate in local government.

1) Housing: Adam has the back up of several like-minded candidates who see the pricey developments that have only an incidental commitment to affordable housing. The current council has been following in line with recommendations from outside consultants; and although they refer to them as “experts” that should tell you something profound: they do not consider the residents to have the knowledge or correct vision for their own town.

2) Ongoing Community Needs: Local decision making and control will free up the budgets and allow for more programs that have direct significance to residents. For instance, crime prevention, targeted housing needs; and other petitions for infrastructure or petitions for programs that come forward. This is a true progressive movement.

3) Decorum: There have been a noticeable lack of decorum between council members, including eye rolling and dismissiveness with what does not fit their agenda Adam has been remarkable about taking the high road as a council member and will continue to commit to respectful dialogue.

Susie Page

Social Worker

“When we were notified of a potential development adjacent to our neighborhood, Adam was extremely receptive to our concerns. He spoke with us on the phone many times and continues to stay in touch with us. He has a strong interest in keeping development to scale and protecting neighborhoods from over-bearing encroachment by developers. He understands that developers will take as much as the town will give, and that the approvals tend to favor developers over citizens. We feel that he is the voice that speaks strongest for citizen concerns. His perspective is what our Town Council needs.”

Henry Lister

Retired Teacher

“I am all for ending the flow of money to people who want to get rich off of our taxes, and instead put those taxes to use in improving the quality of life for humans AND non-humans in CH.”

Steven Feuerstein


“Adam is the right choice for mayor of Chapel Hill. He demonstrates respect for all, interest and curiosity in collective problem solving, and a genuine desire to serve motivated by a both of life long love of Chapel Hill and belief in what is possible.”

Celeste Mayer

Human Factors Consultant

“Adam has the skills, expertise, and the integrity to develop an inclusive and environmentally sound Chapel Hill.”

Melissa Wood Saltzman


“I first met Adam at the American Legion property when he was running for the city council. We were on the same page right from the get go. I stood there imagining what a perfect place for a park while he explained the city council had other ideas for that space. Honestly it was shocking given all the apartments that have been built and are continuing to be built close by. To do anything but build a park seemed ludicrous to me.

Since that time I have seen first hand what the existing council is like and I disagree with much of it. I also voted for Hong Bin Gu  in the hopes of changing direction for Chapel Hill.

We have that chance again in Adam Searing’s run for the mayoral position. He has my full support along with his constituents!”

Dan Saunders

“He is a progressive who is data driven and his views are evidence based.”

Chris Smith


“Adam’s experience running with the big dogs, negotiating with legislators and standing up to bullies shows he has what it takes to lead council and our town as we grow. He’s made his career ensuring everyone, not just the privileged, has access to health care. He’s committed to ensuring everyone, not just the privileged, has access to decent housing, free parks and greenspace, and council’s attention. He knows the challenges Chapel Hill faces and where and why we’ve gotten stuck. He can see what hasn’t worked, and he has fresh ideas for solutions to move us forward. As mayor, he’ll restore civility and respect among council members and constituents. Above all, his strong ethics and integrity make him my choice for the mayor we need now and in the future.”

Nancy Oates

Writer and Former Council Member

“I have known Adam for over 20 years and I know he cares deeply about our community. I trust him to make good decisions on behalf of our town that take a very long view to keeping our amazing community livable, workable, and a place that future generations of Chapel Hillians will be proud to call their home.”

Michael Brader-Araje


“We need a leader who is focused on his constituents. This leader will listen to the people and make decisions based on the greater good for the community. This leader is Adam Searing.”

Douglas Daniels

Sr. Director of Quality Control

“Adam has the knowledge and vision to grow Chapel Hill in a balanced way that meets the many different needs of our people and maintains the local character of our town. He uses facts, he knows the law, and he listens.”

Leah Boucher

Marketing Consultant

“We need his proven, progressive leadership to redirect Chapel Hill town government. Our town council should work for more housing that is affordable and not an ever-increasing stoke of luxury apartments folks who work here cannot afford. They should pass budgets that spend our money wisely and provide the for the upkeep of our streets, parks, and public service vehicles.”

Gordon Whitaker

Professor emeritus, UNC School of Government

“When my Chapel Hill neighborhood was struggling with frequent power outages, Adam rolled up his sleeves and went to work advocating for us with the utility company. As a result of his efforts, we now have much more reliable service, which has improved our quality of life. This experience showed me that Adam is responsive to the needs of Chapel Hill residents and knows how to use his position as an elected official to deliver results.”

David Schwartz


“I am very glad to support Adam Searing for Mayor of Chapel

I’ve spent fifty years protecting clean water for our community.
It hasn’t been easy. Every time we decide to build a building,
expand a road, or put up a parking lot we decide to pollute our
water just a little more.

But we’ve made hard decisions, we’ve grown a lot, and I’ve
been part of that. I was elected for eight years as a Commissioner on the Orange County Board, and served several years as Chair of the Commission.

So I’ve made tough decisions. But I’ve stuck to principles. Adam is the same way. I trust him and I know he’ll make good decisions for our community, hard as they may be. Join me in supporting Adam for Mayor.”

Margaret W. Brown

Former Chair, Orange County Board of Commissioners

“I endorse Adam Searing for mayor because he is the right person for the job. He is principled and stands up fearlessly for what he believes is right. He has the foresight and the strength to move Chapel Hill forward in a healthy and balanced way.”

Pamela Cooper

Writer, Professor

Unlike the rest of Chapel Hill leadership, Adam governs through listening to his constituents. He deeply cares about what the people of Chapel hHill think and takes the time to listen. He care more about citizens and small local businesses than out of town developers.

In my opinion, the biggest assets we have in Chapel Hill are a vibrant authentic downtown, beautiful public green space, and a great public education system. All 3 things are under direct threat. Adam will help preserve and invest in the 3 important assets we have in Chapel Hill.

We can’t wait to work with Adam as mayor to help make downtown Chapel Hill a lively community destination. A place where students and townspeople gather together.”

Taylor Gilland

Owner of Purple Bowl

“Adam has a realistic, thoughtful plan that’s grounded in the real research.”

Margo Reynolds

K-12 Education Consultant

“In the years that Adam has served our town, he has been honest, direct, and unafraid to ‘go against the popular vote’ if it isn’t the sensible thing to do. We need more people who run for office to serve those who voted for them rather than to make themselves feel important. We need more people like Adam.”

Christie Osborne

Finance and Accounting

“I think Adam is an educated, articulate and thoughtful candidate and city council person. I think he is forward thinking and sees problems with the way that the current mayor and town council seem incapable of thinking. The mud slinging by triangle blog blog is reprehensible and insulting. Adam is responsive with integrity and the right choice to help steer the town of Chapel Hill into the next year.”

Jody Jarowey


“As a Chapel Hill native, Adam understands what it takes for the town to grow sensibly and productively. During his time on the Town Council, he had strong enough convictions & intestinal fortitude to stand up and vote against the Mayor and other Council members when it threatened the future of the town.”

Pamela Dobson

“Adam has proven himself effective on the Town Council, and he has bold ideas to move Chapel Hill forward. He listens to constituents, and he has genuine integrity — qualities which have been lacking in many of our local elected leaders in recent years.”

Trisha Lester

Retired Nonprofit Executive

“Adam grew up here and understands Chapel Hill and the qualities that make it wonderful . He is for thoughtful growth, preserving green space and supporting the local community. His voting record has shown he has tried to stop big developers bulldozing through town for huge profits unlike his fellow council members who see tax dollars as progress.”

Stephanie Greenberg


“Adam brings integrity and a set of values I wholeheartedly agree with.”

Brandt Solovij

Father, Husband, Trail Maintainer

“I’m supporting Adam because he’s bringing new ideas for affordable housing. Collaborating with other UNC system towns to negotiate for affordable housing is a brilliant idea. We’ve tried building more and more and more and the problem keeps getting worse, not better. I trust Adam to be persistent and professional in his dealings with other UNC communities and with the UNC Board of Governors to break through and find a path forward.”

Terri Buckner

“Adam brings integrity and a set of values I wholeheartedly agree with.”

Brandt Solovij

Father, Husband, Trail Maintainer

“Life-long residency, broad experience including in town affairs, a positive vision for the town.”

Felix Bloch

“Adam definitely has a vision for the future of Chapel Hill that addresses the issues that are critical to the continued development and growth of Chapel Hill. This community has been totally inundated with constant construction of apartments and townhomes along with the destruction of beautiful trees destroyed by the former Town Council’s appetite. Looking forward to a NEW plan with a NEW Council!”

Patricia K. Ashley

Retired Teacher

“During his time on council, Adam has impressed me with his willingness to call attention to the town’s serious budget problems and ask hard questions of the other council members and senior staff. Poor past decisions have created a situation where the town simply doesn’t generate enough revenues to meet its operating costs. This has led to the constant shuffling of money, the deferral of necessary maintenance, & an inability to provide services & amenities desired by town residents. When it comes to town finances, the status quo isn’t working, which is why we are seeing sizable hikes in the property tax rate. Adam takes this problem seriously and recognizes that change is needed.”

John Quinterno


“Since I met Adam 15 years ago, I have remained impressed with his dedication to public service from his work on behalf of affordable health care to his advocacy for the greenways and trails in Chapel Hill. I’ve also had the opportunity to serve in community leadership positions with Adam. I have seen him approach difficult situations by considering the entire picture including the data involved. He does not look for the easy solution or the one that pleases people; rather he looks for the solution that makes the most rational sense both short term and long term. In Chapel Hill, we need more leaders like Adam who are willing to make thoughtful decisions that don’t just look good in theory but are actually good for our community.”

Ellen Parker

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