Adam and Bear at Legion Pond

I’m an attorney and public health advocate (and dog lover). I’ve been in hundreds of high-profile political fights, helping pass the Affordable Care Act and expand Medicaid in multiple states. And I fought hard for protections for people in managed care. I’m proud of my work helping millions of people in NC and across the US get decent, affordable health care – many for the first time.
But it took me joining the Chapel Hill Town Council less than two years ago for a true “education” in local politics in this town where I grew up. What I learned meant I couldn’t sit on the sidelines. We desperately need new leadership and new direction in Chapel Hill. A big reason I decided to run was getting to know small business owners like Paula Gilland of the Purple Bowl Restaurant. The amazing coalition she has put together with so many volunteers to try and save her business has been truly inspiring to me and many others. And I am so proud to say she is supporting me in my run for Mayor.

Here I am with the amazing Purple Bowl team.


We’ve got to stop ignoring the hundreds of residents of town about what’s important to them. From eliminating single family zoning restrictions to building on our preserved green spaces to prioritizing Boston developers over local business institutions like the Purple Bowl Restaurant, we’ve repeatedly ignored the will of residents.


We have multiple plans costing millions of taxpayer dollars drafted by fancy consultants but no new playgrounds/spraygrounds, no modern skate park, no new tennis or pickleball courts, and no new green space. We can’t even maintain our existing tennis courts. Kids can’t play on a plan. Let’s take the money enriching out-of-town consulting firms and build what we need.


Instead of clearcuts and luxury apartments we need to develop responsibly — approve more housing choices but only with required parks and new green space for kids and families and other infrastructure. We passed one of the highest property tax increases in town history this year but don’t have the services to show for it. The current mayor and Town Council think it’s a good idea to site our town employees on our toxic coal ash dump — without removing the ash. I think that’s a terrible idea.


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We are a 3x UNC family – and that’s in addition to my dad teaching here for 56 years and Mimi for 22 years!

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