It’s Time to Vote for New Leadership in Chapel Hill
The election is basically a toss-up at this point. Your vote is critical – for me and for Elizabeth, Renuka, Breckany and David.
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October 24, 2023
Why? A Decade of Failures in Chapel Hill
A decade of committees, plans, and “visioning” about where to build stuff like a splash pad or playground or new park – without actually building anything – or doing badly needed fixes of everything from our tennis courts to our skate park. Cedar Falls tennis courts:

A decade of luxury apartment building and clearcutting our tree canopy for project after project – and millions of taxpayer dollars wasted on expensive “development” consultants. Ephesus Church Rd/15-501:

A decade of structural deficits resulting in a town budget not able to even support building a desperately needed new police station as our current building falls apart with unfixable water leaks even in our electronics and records rooms. Photos from inside our police station:

Absolutely critical to vote for the New Leadership/New Vision team running with me so we have enough new voices committed to change:

I’ve teamed up with four of your neighbors, the amazing candidates who decided to join me in their runs for Town Council:  Elizabeth SharpBreckany EckhardtDavid Adams and Renuka Soll. We decided to join together because we need a majority of votes on the Council to make change happen.

Read Elizabeth’s latest newsletter: “Planning for another Wet Lab”
Read Renuka’s latest newsletter: “From High Costs to Hope: Charting a New Course for Chapel Hill’s Missing-Middle Housing”
Renuka’s latest videos: My overall vision for Chapel HillAffordable HousingParks & Recreation

Let’s make Chapel Hill a modern college town:

We want to build a modern college town and not continue turning Chapel Hill into one more generic urban municipality of high-rise luxury apartment complexes and seven story glass/concrete office buildings dominating our historic downtown.

What can we do? Here are just a few of our ideas:

  • Stop paying millions of taxpayer dollars to consultants and use that money to finally build some of the decade-long project list in our parks plan like new parks, playgrounds, ball courts, and more.
  • ​Bring UNC to the table to help tackle our affordable housing needs in a big way. We should partner with other UNC system towns like Wilmington, Boone, and Greensboro to propose a statewide town/gown solution to the governing boards and the legislature for new staff, faculty and student housing that benefits UNC communities across North Carolina.
  • Balance our housing development and supercharge equity-focused recreation and green space access through use of innovative, cost-effective solutions already working in other communities, like natural surface trail projects.